Somerset House

Another pleasure of visiting Photo London was having an opportunity to see and admire the luxuriant marine sculpture on the river front of Somerset House.   I’m not sure who it’s by.   John Bacon senior ?







4 thoughts on “Somerset House

  1. Commissioned by Sir William Chambers RA, Agostino Carlini RA seems to be responsible for detailing the figurative sculpture at Somerset House executing stone sculpture with colleagues and leaving the bronze figures to John Bacon RA.

      • With architectural interest, reading up on great houses and riverside mansions a commended author is Mary Edmonds of the BBC, yet also a writer. ‘Limners and picturemakers’ in the Walpole Annual no. 47 (1980) is notable for the who and where. Since further riverside to Blackfriars (a Liberty) is notable for painters, Sir Anthony Van Dyck’s residence, south of the Apothecaries Hall, Printing House Yard and notable cultural associations.

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