Jeremy Hutchinson QC

We have heard Jeremy Hutchinson talk about his life and work as an advocate before.   I would happily hear him do so many times again.   At 101, he is still able to recall with extraordinary vividness his childhood memories of T.S. Eliot who, oddly, had a cottage at Bosham, while Hutchinson’s mother, Mary, was at West Wittering;  the time when the destroyer serving in the war was bombed by the Germans;  his defence of Lady Chatterley’s Lover by calling on the evidence of Richard Hoggart, then a Lecturer in English at the University of Leicester;  his defence of Kempton Bunton who stole Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington by climbing through the National Gallery’s lavatory windows after hours;  and his mockery of Mary Whitehouse’ s lawyer who brought a case against Michael Bogdanov, the Director of Romans in Britain.   He can still dominate a room with humour, ribaldry and intellectual sarcasm.


4 thoughts on “Jeremy Hutchinson QC

  1. Susie Allen-Huxley says:

    Where was this event Charles?
    Ever since we heard Jeremy’s wonderful ‘Desert island Disc ‘ we thought this very talk would be a wonderful one for the Academicans Rm?
    He is one of our absolute national treasures.

  2. I agree strongly with Susie Allen – Huxley : he is a wonder, and has a really interesting collection of paintings in his house at Lullington. He’d make a delightful, and interesting, Speaker in the Academicians’ Room.

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