Michael Landy RA

One of the pleasures of going to Basel was the opportunity to see the Michael Landy exhibition on the ground floor of the Tinguely Museum, a wholly appropriate place for the work to be seen because he was apparently first inspired as an artist by visiting the Tinguely exhibition at the Tate in 1982.   They share many characteristics, particularly the mechanical anarchism.   But I was particularly pleased to see his very beautiful line drawings – a set of portraits of friends – and his amazing etchings of plants commissioned by Paragon Press.




2 thoughts on “Michael Landy RA

  1. Joan says:

    Loved Michael Landy’s National Gallery Saints Alive exhibition – unsurprising given that years of Catholic education at the hands of Sister Mary Cyril in Stepney means that I am steeped in the stories of the saints. Was glad to see one of the collages from that (St Jerome) in the Cornelia Parker curated Found exhibition at the Foundling Museum. On my second visit to the Found exhibition yesterday (the wonders of the Art Pass scheme make repeated visits possible) there were a large group of toddlers and babies being entertained with music in the Picture Gallery. Watching them emerge from the concert and interact with the Antony Gormley Iron Baby piece was both entertaining and touching.

    I know very little about Tinguely but there was a very enjoyable piece in the New Yorker (by Ariel Levy) back in April about Niki de Saint Phalle’s garden in which, of course, Tinguely featured.

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