Brexit (7)

Two further unrelated thoughts.

The first thing is that two people, who are themselves representatives of London’s über-rich, in recent months have said to me privately that they thought that there was bound to be a day of reckoning because of the increasingly huge discrepancy between rich and poor.   It looks likely that some form of reckoning may have to come out of the current turmoil.

The second is that the Brexiteers consist of an ultimately incompatible coalition between the right wing of the conservative party – free market, post-Thatcherite, anti-protectionist nationalists – and the heartlands of old Labour – pro-labour, anti-immigrant, anti-Blair nationalists.   The latter certainly won’t get what they want if the former are in power.


One thought on “Brexit (7)

  1. I fear your Brexiters are right. Very few people will like the reality of the result – the break-up of the EU, and probably of the UK.

    Let’s hope that the same wave of anti-Establishment disgust doesn’t result in the election of Donald Trump.

    But we have no option but to accept it and to turn, now, to building a better Europe, though I’m not sure how at this stage.

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