Brexit (6)

I’ve been touched by the number of comments on my post yesterday, which was indeed no more than a sense that we need a period to reflect on the implications of what has happened.   I have been reading much more comment than usual:  a very good piece in yesterday’s Guardian by Ian Jack on the reasons for the alienation of the old working class in northern council estates;  and a piece sent by Otto SS by the admirable Cambridge historian Peter Mandler in an online magazine called Dissent (   I recommend them.


2 thoughts on “Brexit (6)

  1. many thanks for recommending the two articles, especially the Ian Jack piece.I have barley spoken to my parents in the last few weeks after learning they would be voting to leave. They are part of the ‘old working class’ , dad an ex miner, mam ex dinner lady living in the north east, his piece brought it all into context, I wonder should I have been more sympathetic to their views? Although I agree with your latest post they won’t get what they want with Boris in charge.

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