The launch of Jean-Michel’s festschrift was held in the chapel at King’s:-


I went to have a quick look at the installation of the Rubens (plain black benches have been added to soften the gap between the choir and the ashlar where the seventeenth-century choirstalls used to be):-


But, most of all, I enjoyed the view of the Gibbs Building, designed by James Gibbs in 1723 after he had been kicked off work on Burlington House, but closely based on two sets of designs submitted by Hawksmoor, who was put on the job after the Provost approached Wren for plans in 1713:-




5 thoughts on “King’s

  1. Interesting to see the new setting of the Rubens, though it would appear to be rather less clear and dramatic than Martyn Beckett’s ( architect, and erstwhile Chairman of the Wallace ) original setting of the 1950s.

  2. Good, because I think he did it so well – about the best thing he did as an architect. (He was a wonderful man, and my Godfather, so I am rather biased).

  3. Sarah Papineau says:

    Thank you, Charles, for reminding me how nice it is to wake up to the Gibbs Building. We were fortunate to spend formative years at King’s….

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