Limehouse (2)

In walking down Salmon Lane this morning, I was reminded of the Chinese restaurant Good Friends which was a great attraction of the street and brought people out from the west end, including, I’ve discovered, Fay Maschler’s parents in the 1960s (although it only opened in 1967).   Even better, from our perspective, as well as cheaper, was a restaurant called The Peking, which disappeared once West India Dock Road was widened, had a large fish tank from which one could select one’s dinner, and was presided over by a magnificent woman who was half-Chinese, a representative of the local Chinese community which was still in evidence in the early 1980s, but now may have gone.


10 thoughts on “Limehouse (2)

  1. Bridget Cass says:

    The Peking, lovely memories of feasts, including one for Chinese New Year where we sat upstairs and were treated to dish after dish of fish delicacies. I missed when it disappeared.

  2. Camilla Beresford says:

    Yat-Min Loo has been researching the history of the Limehouse Chinatown in the 20th century. A lost landscape and history

  3. Gillian says:

    Dear Charles
    Tom and I were talking about the Chinese restaurant on West India Dock Road only the other day with fond memories, but couldn’t remember it’s name. Thanks for reminding us, and for the pictures of Newell Street. We have wonderful and happy memories of living there. There was a great community spirit created by Tom, Nick Wates and Caroline .

  4. Hi Charles,
    Our lunch guests ( who were all residents in Limehouse at one time) recall that the lady running the Peking was called Beena….She also had a fierce looking dog!!

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