Primrose Hill

It’s not often that I go to Primrose Hill with its exaggeratedly wide, leafy streets, called after Arthur Primrose, 5th. Earl of Rosebery, a brilliant orator, marksman and connoisseur who was briefly Prime Minister from March 1894 to June 1895 before the fall of the Liberal government.   I might have been able to do some folk dancing in Cecil Sharp House, but instead walked up Gloucester Avenue:-


3 thoughts on “Primrose Hill

  1. Bruce Ericson says:

    Out of curiosity, where on Gloucester Avenue did you take these pictures? (I ask because my grandmother lived one block away, on Chalcot Road, until she left for America in 1910.)

  2. Bruce Ericson says:

    Thanks very much. The first couldn’t be closer; my grandmother lived at the corner of Edis Street and Chalcot Road. She attended the Primrose Hill Primary School on Princess Road. — Bruce

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