Adrien Gardère

I spent the day in Paris at the Studio Gardère talking through Adrien’s plans for the installation of the Royal Academy’s collection in Burlington Gardens.   Of course, I am not allowed to say anything of what is proposed.   Suffice it to say that it is a pleasure to talk through – and be talked through – a set of plans which are the result of so much careful and imaginative thinking about how and where the collection should be displayed, not just in the collections gallery upstairs in Burlington Gardens, but across the site as a whole.

Most of what I saw of Paris was the view through his apartment window:-

And the filing cabinets which he inherited from the lawyers who had been in the apartment before:-

And the paint scheme on the staircase:-

It was only afterwards that I was able to go to G. Detou, the grocers in the street below:-


One thought on “Adrien Gardère

  1. What a joy ! You are an ace shopper !

    How exciting about Burlington Gardens ! It’s going to be wonderful, I’m sure. The difficult part will be controlling impatience .. .. ..

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