Le Gavroche

I have only been to Le Gavroche once before, invited by Michael von Clemm, who borrowed $900 to establish it in Lower Sloane Street in 1967 and helped to develop its international reputation as chairman of the board (I have just noticed that the Economist wrote an exceptionally nasty obituary of him in spite of  – or perhaps because of – the fact that he was the most intelligent, well educated and far sighted businessman that I have ever met, responsible not only for supporting the Roux Brothers, but converting the banana warehouses of the East India Docks into Canary Wharf).   Today I had lunch there (not, I hasten to say, at the RA’s expense).   It was as good as could be.


4 thoughts on “Le Gavroche

  1. Amanda Kinsman says:

    Actually it is a bargain if you have the set lunch menu. Michel Roux is not one of those cheese paring chefs. We won a dinner for 4 at a charity auction and he was extremely generous. Proper French food.

  2. Lucky you ! It’s still one of the best restaurants in London, and Michel Roux is one of the very best chefs. Is this going to become another new avenue for The Blog ? !

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