Afon Braint (2)

I walked down by the river twice today, once at noon en route to the sea when the tide was low and I walked along the mudflats;  and then again as the sun came down, looking west towards the mountains of the Lleyn Peninsula and south towards Snowdon and the moon:-


2 thoughts on “Afon Braint (2)

  1. Susan Miles says:

    That must be one of the most splendid photographs of the moon I have ever seen, especially with the gradations of the sky below as they filter down to the horizon. But I hope you don’t mind my saying the man in the moon reminds me a little of you, in one of the images where you are deep in uffish thought. I wonder what he is thinking as he gazes upwards?

  2. Mark Fisher says:

    Susan Miles is absolutely right. – that is the best image of the moon in daylight that I’ve ever seen. : a wraith-like disc. Thank you.

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