Ruthin Craft Centre (2)

We went across to the Ruthin Craft Centre in preparation for Romilly’s exhibition due to be held there at the end of April next year.   I hadn’t appreciated previously that the building is by Sergison Bates, the result of a competition, with galleries and workspaces clustered round a courtyard, feeling a bit like Tangiers on a boiling hot day (it was apparently designed to feel like Barcelona):-


4 thoughts on “Ruthin Craft Centre (2)

  1. Stoker Devonshire says:

    your blog is an inspiration and I have thoroughly enjoyed your holiday ‘snaps’ …….but could we have a pic of you in holiday mode instead of the usual RA pics of you at work?

  2. Joan says:

    We generally go to Ruthin once or twice a year when visiting my partner’s parents in Shrewsbury. I love its calm atmosphere and its very welcoming cafe. And the shop offers real temptation. I have never seen a bad exhibition there and I am sure that Romilly’s will be wonderful. Hopefully it will coincide with one of our visits.

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