Having been immured indoors for much of this late August heat spell, I thought I should venture out to see my cousin-in-law’s photographic exhibition on the Brixton Road.   I walked from Stockwell Station down Stockwell Park Crescent where we wanted to rent a basement flat in 1977 and past St. Mark, Stockwell Park Road, a church of the 1840s:-

The adventure playground is still there, the tower block, I assume, belonging to the Stockwell Park Estate:-

Lorn Road, with its Gothic villas, was always a bit run down and still is:-

The exhibition was held in a building which had been an estate agent and then an undertakers:-

On the other side of Brixton Road was a house with an intriguing overelaborate Ionic capital:-

Then I walked through what I gather was originally called Holland Town:-

Ending up at St. John the Divine in Vassall Road, as recommended by Nairn, a church by G.E. Street which, of course, was closed:-


4 thoughts on “Brixton

  1. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    Brixton Road! I used to visit a friend of mine, Peter Donebauer, who was squatting in one of the big houses on the road in the late seventies. According to Andy Beckett, he became involved in the new enterprise of the Channel Four about which I didn’t know. But I still remember the basement of the house where his synthesizer was installed and he showed me his latest video art.

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