Margaret Bottrall (2)

The frustrating thing about my aunt’s memoir is that, because it was written for her grandchildren, it hops lightly over some of the more interesting aspects of her life – probably a deliberate strategy in order to avoid discussing them:  that is, how was it that, as a student of literature at Yale, she met Ronald Bottrall, a poet many people think wrongly admired by T.S. Eliot, at Princeton, and then married in Singapore where he was appointed a Professor at Raffles College;  what her life was like in Thaxted where she came under the influence of the radical Conrad Noel and stood as an Independent for Dunmow District Council;  and how after the war, when her marriage broke down, she moved to a life of writing and teaching in Cambridge.   There’s too much about the aunts and not enough about her.


4 thoughts on “Margaret Bottrall (2)

  1. Kate Cooper. says:

    After reading your blog, I looked up your aunt on line. I found the obituary on her in the Independent dated 29/02/96 fascinating, she really was a very interesting woman and also so lucky to live in Thaxted.

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