The other thing I really liked this morning which I’ve never particularly noticed before are the allotments just north of Meath Gardens, which was once a cemetery, and south of the Roman Road.   It seems rather amazing that in such a densely populated part of the city and with a chronic housing shortage, there should be such a charming survival of municipal ruralism:-


5 thoughts on “Allotments

  1. Victoria says:

    How lovely. The photos with the wheelbarrow could so easily be imagined in the middle of the countryside. On the subject of a garden on the site of a former cemetery I recently came across Cross Bones garden in Southwark which is fairly newly planting on the site of a former paupers’ burial site. Just up the road are the Red Cross gardens which were founded by Octavia Hill with a charming row of bucolic ‘Red Cross’ cottages that she created behind the garden. Worth a detour if in the area and not yet seen. Victoria

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