RA in 2017

Back to work properly today, just in time for the launch of our 2017 programme, which includes exhibitions in the Sackler of 1930s American realism (an exhibition which is currently on at the Art Institute of Chicago), the relationship between Matisse’s art and his collection, and, next autumn, an exhibition about the unlikely friendship between Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp, not to mention a big exhibition in the spring of Russian Art post the Revolution.   Much to look forward to.


3 thoughts on “RA in 2017

  1. Joan says:

    Looking forward to the Russian Art exhibition. I’m a big fan of the Gallery of Russian Art and Design (GRAD) in Little Portland Street. Their current exhibition on portrayals of Soviet women is great, as have been many of their previous shows. They are a nice size (small enough to take a teenager to without too much moaning), and the staff are really friendly and happy to chat about the displays. I would be too intimidated to cross the threshold of many small galleries but this one is really welcoming.

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