Highgate Cemetery

I went to an event in Highgate Cemetery organised by the Architecture Foundation.   Sam Jacob, late of FAT, has erected a structure which replicates the mausoleum designed but never built by Adolf Loos in 1921 in memory of the art historian, Max Dvorák, following Loos’s belief that ‘only a very small part of architecture belongs to the realm of art: the tomb and the monument’.   It has a ghostly orange presence:-

Meanwhile, the streets of the cemetery, so well maintained by its Friends, lie beyond:-


3 thoughts on “Highgate Cemetery

  1. What an amazing place it is ! Apart from Karl Marx, it’s the resting place of George Eliot and her husband, George Henry Lewes; Christina Rossetti and Lizzie Siddal, and Michael Faraday.

    In recent years Eric Hobsbawm, Ralph Richardson and Jean Simmons have been buried here, and two friends of mine – Paul Foot and Corin Redgrave. It’s good that nature has been allowed to reclaim it with trees and shrubs.

  2. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    I should add to Mark Fisher’s comment that my master and friend Raphael Samuel is also there. And Earnest Fenollosa, historian of Japanese art.

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