Royal Drawing School

I went this evening to an event at the Royal Drawing School which was an opening of an exhibition of the work of students aged 10 to 18 who had in some way participated in their drawing classes, mostly on Saturday mornings in classes and clubs out of school, some in the National Gallery and some in Pembroke House south of the Elephant.   I found it fascinating to see the range of styles, some carefully considered, landscapes and mostly incompetent portraits, but all of them doing whatever they want to do, without formulae or tropes.   Most of all, I was struck by what a lively form of private expression drawing remains whether or not they go on (most of them won’t) to art school.


2 thoughts on “Royal Drawing School

  1. Joan says:

    Good to spot you there last night. I would have said hello but it was such a scrum and so noisy! It was about the sixth time that our son has exhibited in the show (he is 17 and started at the drawing school as a 10 year old). The real surprise to us was that one of the two pieces he displayed was a painting with a religious theme. Although it was on the front wall we walked straight past it as it was a medium and a theme that was well outside of his comfort zone. This, of course, is one of the points of the drawing school. The drawing we see him doing at home is almost all of comic book figures and in pencil. Getting teenagers to give something different a go is really important. Of course an added bonus as a parent is that the mess of painting is confined to a space (in his case the Royal Drawing school premises where his group meet) other than our own kitchen table!

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