Abstract Expressionism

We had the press view and opening today of our Abstract Expressionism exhibition.   One never quite knows how an exhibition will look and turn out.   Even last week, wandering around, it was hard to assess, with only brown paper representing many of the paintings waiting to be hung.   But today it all came together:  an exhibition which works on at least two different levels, as a survey of a movement in art from the mid-1940s to the early 1970s, and, at the same time, a way of seeing the work of a group of artists united by friendship and drinking, which included extraordinary individual talents (I was told that originally they met in the evenings to drink coffee and it was only later that they switched to whisky).   I only half knew how unique it was to have a room full of work by Clyfford Still outside Denver and to be able to survey an era of American Art (at least temporarily) better and more comprehensively than anywhere across the Atlantic.


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