Blue Poles

I have only just read the review by Matthew Collings which says that Blue Poles is, I quote, ‘notoriously unsuccessful as a painting’.   Having spent much of today standing in front of Blue Poles, absorbing its extraordinary visceral energy, the depth of pigment, the sense of its compositional complexity, and its obvious originality even amongst major works by so many of Pollock’s contemporaries, I find this negative assessment hard to understand.   ‘Heavy and airless’.   I don’t think so.


3 thoughts on “Blue Poles

  1. Ben Joseph says:

    I would also remember that in today’s world of instant news by smart phone, then revisionism / arguments against trend – have to be made more quickly and loudly than ever to gain attention. Of course that is vital in generating reader clicks, especially when papers don’t sell as they used to. Blue Polls is a winner, slamming it is too sadly…

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