The City

It’s rare for me to be anywhere near the City at the weekend, but, since I was, I thought I would explore its northern section round Guildhall, which is much less familiar to me.

I started with St. Anne and St. Agnes, what’s left of a small Wren church designed in 1680, maybe with help from Robert Hooke, designed on the model of Greek Cross and damaged by bombing in December 1940:-

An odd capital on a café next door:-

Nice plaques delineating the parish boundaries:-

A sign in the old churchyard of St. Peter Cheap, burnt in the Fire and not rebuilt:-

And the railings which date from 1712:-

A sign for an old Lyons café in Throgmorton Street:-

A sign for an old stockbrokers in the entry to Austin Friars:-

And the Chartered Accountants Hall in Moorgate Place, designed by John Belcher in 1890:-


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