Zaha Hadid RA

St. Paul’s Cathedral was packed for the Memorial Service for Zaha Hadid, an impressively international occasion, with a reading in Arabic, a Gospel Choir and a particularly memorable address by Peter Palumbo, remembering her upbringing in the shifting sands of the Iraqi desert, her time as an undergraduate reading maths at the American University of Beirut and at the AA under Alvin Boyarsky, where she was influenced not just by Malevich, but by Arp and Lino Bo Bardi.   Odd to think that under current plans someone like her might not be given a visa to study in London, let alone stay here to work.


5 thoughts on “Zaha Hadid RA

  1. Not simply “odd” – disturbing. If we don’t welcome future Zaha Hadids, we will be a very much weaker country.

    It’s good to hear that Peter Palumbo spoke. He has contributed hugely to the architecture of Central London, as he did to the Arts generally when he was Chairman of the Arts Council.

    • I think if you google Zaha Hadid Memorial Service tomorrow, there may be other descriptions. There’s an account of what Rem Koolhaas said on Hugh Pearman’s twitter account: ‘Zaha cried a lot. But her tears did not run vertically down her cheeks. They came at you like bullets’.

  2. Oliver Domeisen says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, not just as a Swiss immigrant but also as a trustee of the Architectural Association. Like her alma mater, Zaha’s office has always been a very inclusive and international place, where people are valued for their talent rather than their passport; and that is what made it succeed internationally. It was a pleasure sitting next to you during the service.

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