Cleveland Museum of Art (1)

I spent the afternoon in the Cleveland Museum of Art, which has been recently, very beautifully, and intellectually very coherently redisplayed, including the integration of African art at the heart of the historic displays.   The quality of the displays are, I assume, made possible by a highly selective process of acquisition, ample funds, and the good judgment of its Directors, including Sherman Lee, who was Director from 1958 to 1983 (he only died in 2008) and the medievalist, Robert Bergman, who died in post in 1999.

I attach some odd things which I want to be able to remember.

The head of King Shulgi, dated to between 2029 and 1982 BC:-

A startlingly lifelike Roman head:-

An elderly Christ child from a church in thr Auvergne (acquired in 2012):-

The head of St. Stephen by Tilman Riemenschneider, thought to come from a convent in Rothenberg which was demolished in 1813:-

St. Lawrence, also by Riemenschneider:-

Gluck by Houdon (c.1775):-

A View of Rome by Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (c.1782):-

Then, a couple of things in the Asian wing.   A Chinese Buddha (550-577):-

And a Female Tree Deity (c.973), shown in a glass gallery nearly outside:-


2 thoughts on “Cleveland Museum of Art (1)

  1. Sherman Lee’s daughter Katherine Reid was also director at Cleveland, 2000-2005, and a son-in-law, Bill Chiego is director of the McNay in Texas. Are you going to see Bill Griswold? If so, please give him my regards. David

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