Post-election America

I notice from emails from friends in the UK that it is assumed that I will have some special insight into the mood of post-election America by virtue of being this side of the Atlantic.   I don’t, apart from encountering massed ranks of riot police, but no demonstrators, alongside Trump Tower in Chicago.   The mood amongst the people we have been meeting has been a combination of anger, anxiety and uncomfortable resignation:  a recognition that the professional classes on the east and west coasts now have no sway over the frustrations and need for hope of bluecollar, middle America, which was all red on the electoral map:-


2 thoughts on “Post-election America

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    ‘the people we have been meeting has been a combination of anger, anxiety and uncomfortable resignation…’
    As with your pre- and post-brexit blogs it sounds like you need to meet the other half (of ‘the people’)… I just collected my winnings again (as with brexit), albeit without much sense of optimism; rather on the principle of the lesser of evils (and avoidance of war, worse racism etc etc)… What’s worrying is that the political, academic and media establishment continue to demonstrate how utterly out of touch they are… to wake up once again to the BBC still bleating that ‘no-one could have predicted such a result..’. And now we read that the Foreign Office and our idiot politicians are going to teach Trump how instead of leaving Assad and Putin to finish of Islamic State he should conform to the disastrous campaign to topple the Syrian government (following our regime-changing successes in Iraq, Egypt and Libya?) which is surely responsible for the flourishing (and funding) of Islamic State and certainly responsible for many hundreds of thousands of deaths and so many millions of refugees that the stability of Europe is threatened… No wonder Trump admires Putin more than his own political establishment that of the EU, NATO etc….

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