Centre Point

I was walking past Centre Point last week after seeing Margy Kinmonth’s film about the Russian Revolution and was struck by its constructivist appearance, still in the top 30 of tall buildings in London, once despised as a work of Richard Seifert (Pevsner described it as ‘coarse in the extreme’) and because it was left unoccupied for so long by Harry Hyams.   It’s now listed, admired by Historic England for its ‘delicately modelled surfaces’, and in the process of conversion from offices to luxury flats:-


One thought on “Centre Point

  1. Like many people, I suspect, I have always disregarded it – partly Pevsner and partly because Hyams kept it empty for so many years, an affront to the growing number of homeless in London, made worse by the enormous capital he was accruing. I will try and look at it more objectively, but it won’t be easy !

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