The Garden

The garden is gently dissolving into winter, all burnt orange as the leaves have stayed longer than usual.   I have been watching it out of the windows:-

Yesterday, it was one step closer to dissolution:-


5 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. Joan says:

    Here just up the road in Stratford our fig has lost all of its leaves, as has the wonderfully red acer (a victim of last week’s bluster) but the mulberry we planted about eight years ago and which is finally fruiting is stubbornly hanging on to its full complement of leaves even though they yellowed some time ago. Best of all the long established magnolia is once more covered with buds which we look forward to seeing open in the spring. Our pots of newly planted tulips are now protected by dressmaker’s interfacing and chicken wire since the foxes and squirrels have already attempted to dig them up! Nature, eh?

  2. Leslie Hills says:

    In Edinburgh I have a few staunch crimson rowan berries on the bare branches and all else is already deep in winter

  3. marinavaizey says:

    My potato vine is climbing everywhere and covered in white blossom, and it has climbed over two of my garden walls (a postage stamp garden) to visit the neighbours and climb there… thinks the whole street is its…..

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