Piet Oudolf

Whoever it was who was asking after the state of Piet Oudolf’s prairie style planting in the middle winter, the answer is that it looks surprisingly well black in the sunshine, as does Smiljan Radićs Serpentine Pavilion, which we saw at the exact moment of the winter solstice:-


5 thoughts on “Piet Oudolf

  1. At what may be the last Blog you post before Christmas (?), it’s a good moment to
    thank you for everything you’ve posted this year. They have given us daily delight. Your photographs, especially of architectural detail, are outstanding.

    And we have the Book of the Blog to which to look forward in the New Year !

    THANK YOU, and may you and Romilly have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    I want to join Mark Fisher’s thank you comment: as one of a few far east followers of Charles’s blog I have immensely enjoyed his splendid photographs, and thoughtful and thought provoking commentaries, which have given me a great pleasure of seeing things that otherwise I could possibly see in Japan. I wished many times if I were with him in those places being lectured by him.
    I would like to hear from him more about a lot of discoveries and inspirations of nature, architectures and history.
    Good wishes for a festive season and for the new year which i hope less gloomy than this year!

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