East End Bookshops

I have been fretting having mentioned the word Amazon on my blog, because, although I know its labour practices are loathsome, I can’t disguise that I love the immediacy of its choice, the fact that you don’t have to pay postage (we’re on Prime), and the fact that it can intuit one’s interests such that I have more than once been encouraged to buy books that I myself have written, which maybe doesn’t require a very complicated algorithm.   So, I have to console myself that a) it surely must have helped to keep the printed word alive such that, five years ago, all publishers were predicting the demise of the book which, thank god, hasn’t happened and b) it hasn’t in any way reduced my addiction to small-scale independent bookshops of which there are three in Broadway Market alone, not just the Broadway Bookshop, but Donlon Books which is more specialist and often closed, and Artwords, halfway up on the right, which does art, cooking and illustrated books.   And Libreria, the new bookshop on Hanbury Street, features in my book, but only with a picture of their paper bag as they don’t allow photography.


5 thoughts on “East End Bookshops

  1. I completely agree : I loathed and feared the idea but am now a regular user, though still a devoted customer of independent bookshops like John Sandoe, Daunt’s and Much Ado Books. And I am now writing a book for them (Amazon Kindle), a short Life / Tribute to Michael Young.

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  3. Tony Valsamidis says:

    I’ve just been to Libreria – a very good shop. I got a memoir, Out of Egypt, by André Aciman, the author of Call me by my Name, which was made into a lovely film not long ago. By the way, they will allow photos there now if you want to make a return trip!

    Alas the French bookshop in Sptialfields has closed down. Not being in South Kensington was obviously a problem for it…

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