Hoxton (2)

Following my post about Hoxton, I have been trying to figure out more accurately the precise division between Hoxton and Haggerston, which were created as separate parishes out of Shoreditch in 1830.   The problem seems to be that they are parishes, municipal neighbourhoods and, in the case of Hoxton, a state of mind.   I had thought that the boundary lay north-south down the Kingsland Road, as suggested by the location of Haggerston Park and Haggerston School, but I’ve realised it could be east-west along the Regent’s Canal, as suggested by the names of the stations on the new Overground.   Perhaps someone can enlighten me ?

To help confuse matters, I am adding (which I omitted from my previous post) the terracotta ornament on the building which was once the Shoreditch Electric Light Station, has the wonderful inscription E PULVERE LUX ET VIS on its façade, and is in Coronet Street, Hoxton:-

And the early nineteenth-century artisan houses in Buttesland Street:-


6 thoughts on “Hoxton (2)

  1. Is there no limit to the sharpness and sympathy of your eye? That inscription is a wonder. Pevsner was never capable of that , notwithstanding his many talents.

    Thank you, Charles.

  2. I first worked in the area in 1990, at Perseverance Works, a recently renovated complex of leather and other workshops at the apex of Hackney Road and Kingsland Road. I’ve never regarded any of the area to the East of Kingsland Road as Hoxton, only as Haggerston, though the apex is really Shoreditch. The names of the Overground stations are very misleading. For instance, one gets off at Hoxton to go Haggerston Park and Haggerston School (where my kids study, and play football). Note that Haggerston has become a centre for innovative digital product designers and makers.

  3. Dick Humphreys says:

    Way back in the late 1980s my daughter Olivia had a friend at the Lycée in S Ken who lived in Buttesland Street – a long journey to school!

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