Keeling House

I know I have written about Keeling House before, but I am posting some photographs I took of it on Monday which I hope demonstrate its utopian character (designed 1955) and crisp rectilinear geometry, a product of the care that Lasdun put into every aspect of its design to ensure a combination of privacy (every maisonette had its own balcony) and community.   Lasdun wrote, ‘These were people who came from little terraced houses or something with backyards.   I used to lunch with them and try and understand a bit more what mattered to them, and they were proud people’:-


4 thoughts on “Keeling House

  1. What crisp photos! I live on the 8th floor of Keeling House, and would be delighted to show you round next time you are in the area. The building has changed considerably since Lasdun’s day, but still supports a really strong community. Mellis Haward

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