Professor Toshio Kusamitsu

I travelled out into the suburbs of Tokyo on the local train tonight to have dinner with Professor Toshio Kusamitsu, who I always regard as a founder subscriber of the blog – the only person for whom I have evidence of his reading it since every day the map shows a single visitor from Japan, keeping a watch on life in the UK.   He worked for Joseph Needham and was one of the early supporters of Raphael Samuel and History Workshop.   Last year, he published his Collected Essays, which he offered me to read except they are in Japanese – essays on Trevelyan and History Workshop and Peter Burke.   I knew which was his house because it had a Land Rover parked outside.


3 thoughts on “Professor Toshio Kusamitsu

  1. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    Dear Charles, It was lovely to have you at our house. It is always good to have you and your family, last time being a several years ago when you and Romilly and your children came. This time I cooked enchaud de porc a la perigourdine, the pork with truffles, adoring to Elizabeth David, one of my favorite dishes. Charles is remarkable in his inquiring spirit even in such a strange place as Japan.
    Tokyo is a strange and interesting place to explore and you are doing quite well. Perhaps next time we do exploring the city together in order to find out something old and new in this strange town.
    I enjoyed having you here at my place, and probably next time with your family again.

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