Tokyo (5)

Since I have a day of meetings, I decided to stick to the area that I already know round Roppongi Hills, the midtown cultural district, centred on the Mori Art Museum.   I walked there, past the Hikawa-jinja Syaden, a shrine built in 1730 by Tokugawa Yoshimune.   They were praying:-

I quite liked the way that there was a soft drinks machine in amongst the tombs:-

Roppongi is the heart of the aggressively overdeveloped, cacophanous centre of Tokyo, layer upon layer of new buildings piled on top of its hills.   Lunch at the top of Mori Tower gave a pretty spectacular view of central Tokyo:-

After lunch I walked to the Musée Tomo, a museum which I had never heard of and doesn’t appear on any map, housed in a surreal and superluxurious basement with walls covered in silver washi and handrails of snaking glass, a piece of neo-art nouveau:-

On the way I admired a sixties building which looked as if it was about to be pulled down:-

And a building which turned out to be the Hotel Okura in perfect Wallpaper style:-


2 thoughts on “Tokyo (5)

  1. An education and eye-opener ! You are becoming in danger of blogging yourself into ANOTHER book (of lesser-known World Museums, like the wonderfully named Musee Tomo), even before you’ve written the America one !

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