Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

I took an early morning train out to the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum in the far distant suburbs of Tokyo, not really, it feels, in Tokyo at all, but out towards the mountains.   I had the warmest possible welcome from what seemed like the entire staff of the museum, from the Director downwards, many of whom have visited the RA and collaborated on a travelling exhibition we showed there in 2012.

My purpose was to see, and see if we might be able to borrow, Turner’s Helvoetluys – the City of Utrecht, 64, Going to Sea, which was exhibited in the Summer Exhibition in 1832 alongside Constable’s Opening of Waterloo Bridge and which gave rise to the anecdote that Turner added a splash of bright red paint on varnishing day, causing Constable to remark, ‘he has been here and fired a gun’.   There in the painting, in amongst the ships, is a bright red buoy:-


One thought on “Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

  1. It was Constable’s unusually high colour key that provoked Turner to add the red buoy.

    Turner thought that Constable knew nothing about ships and their rigging! Compared with Turner, that was probably correct.

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