I only had time for a short walk round the centre of Oxford.

Up the High, which I can only ever see through the eyes of Thomas Sharp, the town planner, whose Town and Townscape, published in 1968, first taught me to look at the way streets are constructed:-

I had forgotten how extraordinarily baroque the entry portal to St. Mary the Virgin is, designed by Nicholas Stone in 1637 and paid for by Archbishop Laud’s chaplain:-

I deeply admire the Radcliffe Camera, designed by James Gibbs long after his style of Roman baroque had ceased to be fashionable:-

Then I slipped down New College Lane:-

Past the back of Queen’s where a new library by Rick Mather is being constructed alongside the old:-

Back to its front door:-


2 thoughts on “Oxford

  1. Oh dear ! The potential future Saumarez Smith Blog Books grows in number : quite apart from the beauty of your photographs, your eye for, and knowledge of, buildings and cities outstrips the wonderful Pevsner. This entry on Oxford invites similar, future pieces on Bath, Cambridge, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford etc etc. Thames and Hudson, please note.

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