Maker’s House (2)

It’s been a weekend of fine fabrics and stitching.   We went back to Maker’s House to admire the capes.

The Feather:-

The Lace Pleat:-

Working Model for Divided Oval:  Butterfly (1967):-

The Riffle:-

The Smocked Velvet:-

The Chain Mail Wing:-

The Looking Glass:-

The Glass:-

The Tiered:-

The Embroidered Wing:-

The Disc:-

The Flock:-

I hope I’ve got the titles right.

The Family Group (1945):-


4 thoughts on “Maker’s House (2)

  1. Joan says:

    Braved this this morning despite worrying that it might be intimidatingly posh. Really glad I went. Had a nice chat with the woman from the Henry Moore foundation about the old days when you used to have to make an appointment to visit Perry Green – so different now.
    It was raining heavily while I was there and it was a bit of a worry just how many buckets were being deployed near the exquisitely worked capes in order to catch the drips from the glass ceiling.
    It was pleasingly busy and an excellent opportunity for people watching – especially of creative young fashion students.

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