Turner Contemporary

We went to lunch in Margate yesterday in order to see the exhibition which Karen Wright, late of Modern Painters, has organised on the work of women artists, called Entangled:  Threads and Making.   It concentrates, which I had not realised (I hadn’t read the title), on work in fabric and thread, including delicate, nearly gossamer work on the floor and a costume for a ballet designed by Sonia Delaunay.

We liked a big group of works by Eva Hesse, Untitled (1979), made out of masking paper:-

Louise Bourgeois, Hand (2001) (her mother was a seamstress):-

And a rather amazing work by a Japanese called Aiko Tezuka which consisted of the threads unravelled from a relatively ordinary piece of patterned fabric covering, called Loosening Fabric #6 (2017):-


2 thoughts on “Turner Contemporary

  1. This does indeed look an exceptionally interesting exhibition, with, on its website, some beautiful objects.

    Although it includes Louise Bourgeois and Mona Hartoum, there are very few artists represented whose work is much known, or seen (certainly, to my shame, including by me). But where are Cornelia Parker, a wonderful artist, or ceramicists such as Sophie McCarthy ?

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