The book of the blog

Those people who have been long-term followers of this blog will know that I have had an idea that it might be turned into a book (vigorously promoted in the Comments section by Mark Fisher).   Today I finally got hold of a copy of East London which is due to be published by Thames and Hudson on April 27th. (actually the copy is on temporary loan from the editor of the RA Magazine).   It is everything I hoped it would be and more, a most beautiful piece of design and book production overseen by Harry Pearce of Pentagram, who has completely understood how to turn a blog into a book by retaining the smallness of the pictures and the casual movement of the eye across the page.   Also, he encouraged me to commission maps which provide the finishing touch, including a fold-out map as the endleaf.   I am not allowed to tell you that it can be pre-ordered from Amazon (only £19.95), but I can encourage you to buy it from John Sandoe books (, who are kindly also stocking fifty copies of the special edition, which Harry tells me is – as it should be – even better, as well as much more expensive (

The yellow stickers mark references to the RA.


16 thoughts on “The book of the blog

  1. John O Mahoney says:

    As a long time devotee of your blog, Iit is the only blog I read, I am glad you have taken the decision to present it in the form of the bound and printed word. I am also particularly glad to read of your recommendation to purchase a copy from John Sandoe. I was for a decade and a half a customer ifyour brother in Heywood Hill and lament his retirement. I go in fear of the demise of independent booksellers and all they have to offer. Here in the wilds of West Clare, your daily daily post is a delightful counterpoint to the Wild Atlantic Way. I hope you continue to share your erudition with more isolated or alternatively placed souls, thank you , I will now have to contact John . Long may you thrive and entertain and inform

  2. True, and the book will demonstrate that you have followers all over the world.

    How clever of you to get Pentagram to design it – simply The Best. And to be sold by John Sandoe (how they have contributed to the survival of the best independent booksellers!) is exactly right.

  3. Nigel Semmens says:

    Very much looking forward to the book Charles. Your metropolitan readers are far too sniffy about Amazon. I live in deepest Shropshire and bookshops (private or otherwise) are extremely thin on the ground. The wonderfully efficient Amazon is our lifeline and long may it thrive. Nigel Semmens

  4. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    Dear Charles, Many congratulations! I am afraid I have already pre-ordered the book from Amazon’s. I wish I could have ordered it from John Sandoe but it appeared to be too much for a pensioner! I look forward to the arrival and to discover my name alongside with Keith Thomas!

  5. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    When I met Keith in January he seemed to be still following your blog, by pointing out your post on me when you were at my house.

  6. Danielle Chidlow says:

    Congratulations Charles. I love your blog and will certainly be purchasing a copy of the book. I have a number of ‘blogs turned books’ and agree there’s a real art to it. I have no doubt yours will be brilliant. Danielle

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