La Barca Restaurant

I don’t normally do restaurant recommendations on my blog (unless they’re in Anglesey), but last night we were booked in to the Waterloo Bar and Kitchen next door to the Old Vic, which turned out not to have disabled access.   So, after two beefy waiters failed to lift the wheelchair, we retreated to La Barca on the other side of the road.   We had the nicest and most delicious meal and the warmest possible welcome, so this is a way of conveying our gratitude.


2 thoughts on “La Barca Restaurant

  1. Joan says:

    Glad your evening was saved but it is so disappointing in this day and age that disabled access can still be an issue. I only had a few months in a wheelchair after being hit by a car, and being in plaster from heel to thigh, but soon learned just how inadequate and badly maintained disabled facilities can be. Journeys on the bus from Stratford to Newham General Hospital were fraught with concerns as to whether the bus ramp would work or not. We really, as a society, must do better.

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