The Soane Mausoleum

It feels faintly sacriligious to write a blog this morning, or irrelevant, after the events of yesterday afternoon, but a meeting this morning took me through the graveyard of Old St. Pancras Church where I was able to pay my respects to Sir John Soane RA and the great mausoleum which he originally designed for his wife Elizabeth, following her death on 22nd. November 1815.   It was apparently nearly relocated to Lincoln’s Inn Fields in 1869 and was twice restored by the Soane Monuments Trust in the 1990s.   This is the old church, as much restored by Alexander Gough in the late 1840s:-

And the tomb:-

And a nice piece of lettering on the way back to the station:-


5 thoughts on “The Soane Mausoleum

  1. Camilla Beresford says:

    Was the planned relocation connected with the Midland Railway expansion through part of the churchyard?

    • Yes, that does sound possible. Burials ended in 1854 and part of the churchyard was taken over in the 1860s (Thomas Hardy was in charge of its excavation), so that may have precipitated a view that the tomb would be safer in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Charles

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