George Frampton RA (1)

The other piece of sculpture which caught my attention at the RA was the spandrel to the right of the great portico which shows a faintly elfin-like youth with trousers, but no shirt, admiring a much more diminutive figure who is holding a model of – as it happens – the façade of the V&A.   It’s quite obviously not by Alfred Drury who was responsible for much of the portico, but instead by George Frampton, his contemporary and a student of the RA Schools, who won the Gold Medal and also spent time working in Paris.   His work was more Arts and Crafts than Drury’s, and, from the look of it, quite a bit more art nouveau:-


3 thoughts on “George Frampton RA (1)

  1. Martin Hopkinson says:

    Frampton was responsible for a great deal of fine sculpture on and around the new Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow. This can be seen in good photographs in Ray McKenzie’s PMSA volume, The Public Sculpture of Glasgow. What is the date of Frampton’s spandrel work on the RA?

  2. Frampton’s Peter Pan, in Kensington Gardens, is probably his beat known work (along with his Edith Cavell outside the NPG). He was unusual in that many of his sculptures were polychrome.

    He was the father of the artist Meredith Frampton.

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