George Frampton RA (2)

Realising that it’s Good Friday and not having to be at the RA till 9, I thought I’d take a slight detour in order to have a look at two other works by Frampton.   First, his monument to W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fame, who is commemorated on the Victoria Embankment in a dreary and badly lit position immediately opposite Embankment station, flanked by Comedy and Tragedy:-

The second is his statue of Dame Edith Cavell, immediately opposite the NPG, commissioned in 1915 after Cavell was shot for treason in October 1915.   Frampton wouldn’t accept a fee.   It was unveiled in March 1920:-


One thought on “George Frampton RA (2)

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    and then there’s Peter Pan… and (non-sequitur) George’s only child, the wundrusly verist Meredith Frampton (also RA), whose David-inspired 1928 Marguerite Kelsey was recently on show at Pallant House show… I tried to get George’s house and studio in St John’s Wood listed when i worked for English Heritage but prompted by yr blog i now see they revisited my report and agreed it should be… (He converted a Victorian house – now 92-96 Carlton Hill – with a little help from Guy Dawber)

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