Órgiva (2)

After the exertions of yesterday’s visit to Granada, today has been somnolent, with only a morning walk up the back roads to Órgiva’s weekly market, which, like many markets, turns out to be not much more than a few stalls selling fruit, vegetables and cheap clothes.   But the walk enabled me to enjoy views of the mountains and overgrown olive groves:-


2 thoughts on “Órgiva (2)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    My friend visiting from the US tells me that the way to avoid queues at the Alhambra is to buy a three-day Granada card the holding aloft of which will see you waved through. I found a similar scheme gained me immediate entrance through a side door of the Prado – but that was some time ago. The Granada information is current

    • Sounds like a very good idea. Best of all to walk up from the city and avoid the car parks. Actually, better still must be to stay in the Hotel America and enjoy the Alhambra in the early morning. Charles

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