Michael Jacobs

My last post from Southern Spain is to salute the memory of Michael Jacobs, the passionate Hispanophile whose guide to Andalucía, published in its more recent editions by Pallas Athene, has given me the utmost pleasure, not just for its gazetteer, useful though that is, but more for its long and wonderful introduction, which covers so many aspects of Andalucían history and culture with such scholarly authority, including the character of the Alhambra, the nature of Spanish baroque architecture, how best to enjoy flamenco, and the pleasures of the pilgrimage to El Rocío.   Through it all it’s clear how much he revelled in the wilder aspects of Andalucían life.   A great loss, dying relatively young, three years ago.


4 thoughts on “Michael Jacobs

  1. Martin Hopkinson says:

    He was indeed a great man and sad loss – and his decision to forego Sebastiano Ricci to become a scholarly travel writer richly rewarded all those who read his books

  2. Thank you both (Charles and Martin Hopkinson) for that. I wish I’d known, and read, Michael Jacobs before Gillie and I went to Seville and Granada last year. I will make sure we read him before our next visit.

  3. Joan says:

    Like many people – given the popularity of the camino – I know of Michael Jacobs only from his work on the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. We walked the route in two bites (due to work commitments which meant we couldn’t do it all in one go) in 1995/96. Some of the Galician villages we visited had only just got electrification and old men were keen to recount how much better things had been under Franco. We always intended to do the walk again but three children and then my being hit by a car put paid to that idea. Possibly for the best in that I understand that its popularity has made the walk a very different proposition these days.

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