The book of the blog (1)

I had been tipped off that the first review of my book would appear today.   It has, by Rowan Moore in the Observer New Review:  friendly and fair, Moore manages not to reveal that he is himself a long-term East End resident, perhaps, indeed, a gentrifier himself.   I like the description of it as ‘Pevsner’s Buildings of England guides, but with the subjective comment knob turned up and the academic one turned down’.   The only error is that Apple gets all the credit for the photographs (the headline reads ‘The East End through Apple-tinted glasses’), whereas attentive readers of my blog will know, all the photographs were taken on a Samsung.


2 thoughts on “The book of the blog (1)

  1. Good. The first of many, I hope.

    You thoroughly deserve excellent reviews (even if your wonderful photographs don’t get the credit they merit).

    It is an outstanding book, a real achievement. Anyone who loves Art, and Architecture, and London, should buy a copy. Indeed should buy several.

    Many congratulations. Now on to volume Two (and Overseas books ?)

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