Highgate Wood

I got a quick dose of biophilia this morning by walking in Highgate Wood – a tiny, but surprisingly well preserved bit of old woodland just off the road from Highgate to Muswell Hill, originally owned by the Bishop of London and now by the City Corporation.   At this time of year, it is thick with bluebells:-


4 thoughts on “Highgate Wood

  1. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    After Raphael’s house I lived in Highgate for three years or so, not a posh part but a more plebeian(?) area just below the station. Naturally Highgate Wood was my favourite walking routine, and so was the disused railway from Highgate to Crouch End direction. Your beautiful photos remind me of the time I was there forty years ago! It is good know that nothing has been changed.

  2. That’s one of two of our local woodlands, here in East Finchley. The other is Coldfall Wood, somewhat better cop picked. It borders the St Pancras and Islington Cemetery, which is deliciously overgrown in parts. They are indeed lovely places to walk.

  3. Dick Humphreys says:

    The famous Tate Gallery CC played many games there in the 1980s under the captaincy of now renowned artist exile in Australia, Ian Friend – including against Acme which I believe a player called C. Le Brun used to turn out for.
    Lovely spot.

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