Hatchard’s (2)

I’ve just done a conversation in Hatchard’s with Dan Cruickshank and a small, but very knowledgeable audience who asked interesting questions.   One of them was about the inhabitants of East London who are conspicuous by their absence from the book;  the answer, which is only half true, is that I’ve never been good at photographing moving subjects (it’s an architectural book).   A second was why Hoxton is so poorly represented;  the answer is that I never set out to be topographically systematic in my coverage.   Dagenham is missing as well.   A third was what I think of Canary Wharf;  the truth is that I am an admirer of Canary Wharf, which has been a very successful agent of regeneration and which, as readers of my blog will know, I admire architecturally.   The only unanswerable question is what is happening at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.  


2 thoughts on “Hatchard’s (2)

  1. Martin Hopkinson says:

    It would be great if you could photograph some of the surviving buildings of old Dockland too

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