Every Object Tells a Story

I snuck off from the opening of the London Original Print Fair – interesting and enjoyable as it was – in order to see Oliver Hoare’s latest cornucopia of objects which he is displaying in what was John Lavery’s studio in an upstairs room in Cromwell Place, soon to be transformed into a so-called arts quarter.

Not least, I admired the typography of the invitation (or was it the advertisement in the Burlington Magazine ?), designed by Charles Marsden-Smedley and using a typeface called Trajan, which is apparently seldom used because of the cost of obtaining a licence to use it.   This is the bag:-

I don’t know where he finds the objects – I assume from all over the world and brought to him to inspect by ancient traders.   Often, they were once ordinary, but have been given an aura by the company they keep in display cases which are cabinets of curiosities:-


4 thoughts on “Every Object Tells a Story

  1. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    Once again, thanks entirely to you Charles, I have visited an exhibition (and space) of which I knew nothing. Sorry to have missed their last one in Fitzroy Square. I will certainly go again but the catalogue is extraordinarily heavy to carry around. Easier to pre-plan one’s gazing through perusing the website.

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