I was interested to find out more about the typeface Trajan, as used by Oliver Hoare and his designer, Charles Marsden-Smedley, as the font for his exhibition.   The answer is that it’s a modern font, one of a number of modern, but classical typefaces devised by Carol Twombly in the late 1980s for Adobe when digital typography first came in:  based, as one might guess from the name, on the stone lettering on the base of Trajan’s column.   It was a style of lettering which was apparently much admired in 1950s Russia when there was a revival of interest in traditions of typographic design.


4 thoughts on “Trajan

  1. Martin Hopkinson says:

    The combination of Trajan’s Column and the surname Twombly raises the question as to whether the designer of the font was a relation of the great Rome based American painter

  2. Lesley Watters says:

    No mention of her being related to Cy on her wiki page.She’s given up designing type and is working in other areas of art and design.

  3. Richard says:

    I’ve always loved this font. It has kept the feeling original relationship of the brushed letters that were then incised into the stone by anonymous Roman stoneworkers.

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