Ethel Mairet

I’m sure I should have known that Ethel Mairet also lived at Ditchling, attracted by the presence of Gill, in a house called Gospels in Beacon Road, where she trained apprentices and student teachers in the mechanics of weaving.   Nor did I know that, before marrying Philip Mairet, she was married to Ananda Coomaraswamy, the Anglo-Ceylonese geologist turned art historian, and that together they lived in Chipping Campden in the circle of Ashbee, before Coomaraswamy suggested that he became a bigamist.   Anyway, I much admired the examples of Mairet’s work on display:-


3 thoughts on “Ethel Mairet

  1. Dick Humphreys says:

    Mairet was a Gurdjieffian and editor of The New English Weekly – the successor to Orage’s New Age. I’ve always found that area of English culture fascinating.
    Have you read the mysterious James Webb’s trilogy of books on the occult?
    Very brilliant work in my view. I was a big fan of Ananda’s many years ago – lucid and quietly visionary.
    (Quite different – Stephen McKenna died in the last few days. Very sad news.)

  2. Tanya Harrod says:

    Quite a bit about Mairet, Ethel and Philip in my two books The crafts in Britain in the 20th Century and The Last Sane Man on Michael Cardew. Both were fascinating.

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