Philip Mairet

Following Dick Humphrey’s comment on my blog last night, I have been trying to find out a bit about Philip Mairet, Ethel’s second husband, who had worked for C.R. Ashbee in the days of the Guild of Handicraft in Chipping Campden, acted as Secretary to Coomaraswamy in 1910 and martied his wife.   He avoided conscription by moving to Ditchling, but was arrested, enrolled in the Royal Sussex Regiment and imprisoned in Wormwood Scrubs.   After his release, he became an actor at the Old Vic, helped pioneer ideas of European integration as a member of the New Europe Group, and had an affair with  Gwendoline Norsworthy, who had helped Ethel Mairet establish the New Handworker’s Gallery in Percy Square.   He worked as Orage’s assistant on the New English Weekly, succeeded as editor in 1934, published the work of T.S.Eliot and supported organic farming.   Indeed, an interesting person.


3 thoughts on “Philip Mairet

  1. Dick Humphreys says:

    There are all sorts of interesting people associated with the Orage circle – Beatrice Hastings, S,S. Koteliansky, A J Penty, and so on, who are pretty much forgotten now.

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